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Forte Sounds and our bespoke studio complex has been created specifically to cater for any and all audio & music production work that your project needs. From expansive soundscapes and soundtracks for AAA console games to small scale composition and sound effect design services for indie developments and productions; we have the experience, quality and attention to detail to cater for it all.

  • Music Composition

    Bespoke Music & Licensing For All Media

    Bespoke music scores for every project, within every budget, on time and always beyond expectation! We compose music to your brief for syncing perfectly to your project to help create the right atmosphere and emotion. Whether it's a blockbuster hollywood orchestral for film, a heartwarming piano piece for documentary, or a whimsical loop for the latest iOS game we’ve got it covered. For any Film Scores, TV beds, music for TV & Radio Advert Music, Jingles, Music for Games, themes & backgrounds, Trailers, Animation, TV Idents/credits, Radio Station Imaging, Audio Branding or music to license from our library & sync to picture, drop us a line to discuss your project on our Contact page.

  • Sound Design

    Sound Effects, SFX & Soundscapes

    World class Sound Design will bring any project screaming to life; at Forte Sounds that’s what we do. Creating, Manipulating & Recording the finest audio to sync to your project, producing cutting edge Sound Effects (SFX), Lush Soundscapes & Immersive High Definition 5.1 Audio Mixes. We cater for all aspects of audio post production in our purpose built studios at Forte Sounds from Foley right through to the final mix. For any Sound Design or Audio Post work for Films, TV, Commercials, AAA Computer Games, Mobile/Browser Games, Trailers, Adverts, Animations, Idents, Radio Imaging, Software & Apps drop us a line to discuss your project on our Contact page.

  • Audio Post

    Audio Post Production Studio

    Whether it’s the final mix, dubbing or foley we have every aspect of your project’s audio post-production needs covered. From our purpose built audio post-production studios we have catered for countless productions of every nature & genre; from High profile TV indents to AAA blockbuster movies. Our studios are set to cater for every eventuality, with multiple monitoring solutions & metering to ensure your project conforms to broadcast standards & quality. For any 5.1 Mixing, Dubbing, ADR, Voice-Over, Foley, Sound Design, Touch-Up & any other related audio post-production editing/production please drop us a line to discuss your project on our Contact page.

  • Voice Over

    Voice Over Recording, ADR & Character Voices

    Our state of the art analog & digital recording equipment ensure that we can provide the very best sounding voice reocrdings. We have a selection of voice actors available to us at Forte Sounds and can provide you with the exact voicing you need, be it Voice-Over for a TV production, Video Game Characters or the latest Radio Advert Script we can cater for it all from our Voice-Over Studio. Please drop us a line to discuss your project in more details on our Contact page.


Our Work

We pride ourselves on our work & our passion for audio shines through in our clients projects. Please take a look at our Portofolio of work, where you can click on the images to watch or listen to a small selections of out past work.

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